PRESS RELEASE — San Diego, August 12, 2020-PRNewswire

Liz Griggs, CEO & Managing partner of Grantchester Group formally welcomes the addition of two new members to its Senior Advisory Board: Jon F. Sorenson and Ghentry Pace, each bringing vast leadership experience and expertise to Grantchester’s Energy and Healthcare Groups respectively.

Jon Sorenson comes from a long career in the energy industry, where he led Competitive Energy Service’s (CES) successful execution of large-scale projects in Canada and New England. Sorenson went on to become a founder and executive officer of Smart Energy, a mass-market energy services company providing electricity and natural gas to NY, NJ and PA. Sorenson’s experience in securing venture capital, IPO’s, growth strategies and operational excellence will be a great asset to Grantchester.

Ghentry Pace brings 25 years executive leadership in healthcare clinical management, finance and operations with some of the most well known and respected healthcare companies, and most recently CEO of the largest full service sleep diagnostic provider in the country. Ghentry is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare executives. The addition of Ghentry will greatly enhance Grantchester’s offering of strategic and operational expertise to its healthcare acquisitions