Grantchester’s core thesis is that micro-cap opportunities, in alignment with our partners’ significant operating experience, present the best opportunities for outsized growth and returns. We commit to a long-term partnership with company leadership, and engineer a holding company structure that provides permanent capital and long-term security for strategic investments in growth. Our longer-term horizon is tax-efficient, and generates superior compounding value for our investors.

Our approach is rooted in Strategy, Talent, and Capital:


We source and invest in healthcare and energy businesses that have the potential to grow into consolidated platform companies. We partner with founding teams to create strategic growth plans to achieve $100-200 million in value. Our industry-leading operating experience delivers unmatched value as founders navigate the path to profitable revenue growth.


The Grantchester Group is laser-focused on operating talent that builds valuable businesses. Our own partners lend our companies strategic expertise derived from decades of executive experience at leading businesses. In addition, a division of our firm serves as a talent group for large national private equity firms, allowing us to source qualified executives for our portfolio companies to drive further growth.


We work with a selective network of family office investors to infuse capital into our portfolio companies. Our family office partners receive preferential access to attractive deals at lower multiples, and receive industry-leading returns. Our permanent capital structure enables long-term growth, in contrast to the traditional private-equity timeline.

Meet Our Team

Grantchester partners leverage decades of experience in the healthcare, energy and technology industries to work hand-in-hand with portfolio companies and deliver profitable revenue growth. Our operational and sector-specific experience is a unique differentiator from traditional private equity firms.

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